Working with Cultural Wisdom™

Chadron Native American Center and Cultural Wisdom have been partnering for the past ten years.

Roberto Dansie, PhD, Nationally renowned Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, Author, CEO & Founder of Cultural Wisdom™, Toltec Shaman & Healer has worked with  CNAC to build community, write grant proposals, give staff & board trainings, assist in setting goals for CNAC and it's mission. 

What Joe Simmons, Executive Director has to say about Roberto

"I have known Dr. Dansie for ten (10) years and have had the opportunity to learn from his vast knowledge and unprecedented experience. He has been intricately involved in helping to create plans with the Lakota community to address the many needs, including being a liaison with various system partners across the nation that have built trust and respect with Dr. Dansie’s work. These system partners, because of their respect for Dr. Dansie, have offered resources and support to our community, bridging the resource gaps.

Though I have personally known Dr. Dansie as the owner of Cultural Wisdom, I have been privy to the many stories shared by the allies he has brought to Nebraska/South Dakota, including his background and experience as the Executive Director of Indian Health Clinics and F.Q.H.C.’s. In addition to the many stories of his keen ability to create pathways for success within diverse populations, his partners share their allegiance due to his connection to people, including those he has impacted within diverse ethnicities with traditional cultures.

Dr. Dansie is a strong leader, teacher, expert, and speaker and has had a significant impact on my community."

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Keynote - Dr. Roberto Dansie - Science of Hope Conference 2017