Hansen Poor Bear

Our elder and board member Hansen Poor Bear

was born on the Lakota land and is a keeper of traditions.  Preserving the legacy of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull.  He is a master storyteller, medicine person and sharer of wisdom with people of all ages. 

He is a native Lakota speaker

who often tells stories and gives blessings to the community in Lakota and following the sacred Lakota traditions.

He is a Cultural Treasure for The Lakota Nation

and a strong voice for the protection of Mother Earth.  

He believes water is life.....

and so do we here at Chadron Native American Center.  

Hansen Poor Bear

works tirelessly to better his community in many ways, one of them being his many years of support for CNAC and it's mission.  

We are grateful that he is part of our community!

Mitakuye Oyasin, Aho!